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6 Tumblr Shortcut Keys You Might Not Know


Say, it’s a lazy afternoon and the best thing to do is to troll on your tumblr dashboard. But you hate your mouse or your mouse pad, using it feels like too out of reach and overly tasking (like my last relationsip). it’s a lazy afternoon after all.

Tumblr Tips: Here are 6 Tumblr Shortcut keys to give you comfort. Ways to go through your tumblr Dashboard even without a mouse!

Quickly scroll, like and view notes on yourt Dashboard:


Keys J, K, L and N come very handy. Hit J for next post, K for previous post, L to like a post and N to show post’s notes in a pop up window.

Note: You might want to enable endless scrolling: Under Dashboard Settings, tick Enable endless scrolling and save.


Quickly compose a new post from anywhere on your Dashboard


You just spent ample amount of time scrolling and remembered you have a cat photo to upload and share to your followers. You don’t need to open a new window or scroll all the way to top. Buy some time and extra effort with key combo Z + C and a neat pop up post icons will appear. Kepp holding Z and press C repeatedly to highlight whichever post type you want then hit enter.

Note: Option + Z for Mac

Quickly reblog a post


You can quickly reblog a post without even using your mouse or mousepad. Just hit Shift + R.

Note: Nor working? Worry not mate, make sure you are on the right post by pressing J or K.

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