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Dalton Random Facts From CpCoulter

From Cp’s plurk

  1. Windsor used to have a sprinkler system. …until Drew and Satoru moved in. They set it off about six times the first three months of freshman year and everyone just turned it off and just kept extinguishers everywhere.
  2. Derek and Casey tended to climb into each others’ rooms.
  3. the one time Logan saw Julian seriously crying in his room, we all know that Julian just stood, hustled him out his room and locked the door but Logan hung around in that hallway until that door opened again.
  4. On Blaine’s first inter-school fencing match in Dalton, he stood for a while in an empty hall by himself, trying to prepare himself. Logan went to him, held him for a few moments, and then left. Blaine went on to win.
  5. Someone once left an electric guitar by itself in the Windsor common. Everyone was elsewhere, but from that floor, they heard what was unmistakably the opening guitar rifts to Hand of Blood. When they went to see who the hell that was, they didn’t find anyone. Except for a bit of salt on the floor. they looked up and peeked out their rooms going, “WHOA, who the HELL is doing that??” and then no one. So to this day only Han knows. That was the first time it had happened. They purposely left bait (instruments) around. That’s how they eventually found out Dwight had musical background. the “mystery musician” ignored the drums, and the flute. But they heard a bass line go off. And the acoustic guitar played. crowning moment was when someone left a violin. And then Helena in string quartet version happened. Todd eventually was the one who said that he wasn’t curious about the musician. Because he’s heard the same things from his roomie before. Todd says that he was working one time and Dwight had a guitar and he was lying on his bed and then suddenly he was singing “The Only Difference Between Martyrdom and Suicide Is Press Coverage” by himself. So that, apart from There’s A Good Reason These Tables Are Numbered at the only two p!atd’s in Dwight’s reportoire. There was one more song he played, but it was during a guitar lesson in school. The music teacher (yes, Harvey) asked them each to play whatever they knew. Dwight kind of blinked and started playing All Apologies. Okay, last one for the secretly-talented-guitarist.Paul Gilbert - Technical Difficulties (Racer X) was what he did when Harvey asked what the most complicated thing he could play was.
  6. Shane once busted into Reed’s room dancing to Ain’t No Stressin’ and Reed kind of just smiled and kept painting like nothing was happening.
  7. Speaking of musicians going nuts in secret: Julian tagged along to a Haven jam session and they all bounced around the rehearsal room while playing Of All The Gin Joints In the World.
  8. Julian was one of the few who knew about Lacey, Cameron’s sister. One time, Cameron arrived in the hospital Lacey was in for the moment and found Julian asleep on the bed with a sleeping Lacey curled up against him. They were reading Harry Potter, when they fell asleep. 
  9. Spencer once broke out singing Cedric’s part in Back To Hogwarts to Merril, replacing Cho Chang with “Merril”. In the hallway. on the way to lunch. Merril wanted to physically hurt him, but she resisted and just tugged him along. She’s a prim and proper girl and doesn’t like spectacles. She liked it though and made him a strawberry shortcake for it. Which he refused to share with anyone.
  10. Jeff was once sent to give out Christmas chocolates to Dobry Girls. He came back with eighteen phone numbers. the rest took his. And to be fair to Jeff, he didn’t ask for the numbers. They just GAVE them to him.
  11. currently, Justin’s ringtone is Hedwig’s Theme.
  12. One time, the Twins scared a senior out of his wits by appearing before him randomly in “The Shining” style because He commented about Ms. Medel’s butt. They didn’t like that. They got everyone to play along, pretending they couldn’t see them. This was the twins’ freshman year.
  13. the “elevator of blood” thing was a nice touch. They pulled it of Apparently with a whole lot of stage blood.
  14. The Tweedles are nothing if not thorough. They commit. That’s their secret to success. Never go by halves. Go for the whole nine yards.
  15. In one of Reed’s exhibits, he got a large white room, armed fifteen Windsors with paint balloons, and walked away.
  16. Thor the pony once clopped into the Hanover dining area and ate Justin’s pancakes. He let him.
  17. At the end of The Reichenbach Fall, Han came downstairs to eat with the others looking like a mess and flopped his face onto the table. When the boys asked him what was wrong, he just said the episode title and they all nodded and left him alone.
  18. Danny once met Michael Phelps. He completely restrained his fanboying until he managed to get well away and he ran around, found Wes, and screamed into his face. Surprisingly, Wes just kind of blinked and calmly said, “Michael Phelps?” And Danny nodded.
  19. when Danny gets sick (like a cold), Merril cuddles him and puts a blanket around him and looks after him like a mommy.
  20. Toegan and Footian are still around somewhere.
  21. Kurt once made six big tupperwares of cookies. He very unwisely left them alone. when he returned, he found out they were having a Hunger Games thing and the cookies were being used as rations. Wevid was Peeta and Katniss.
  22. Danny, Jeff, and a couple more non-Warblers were who Hanover send out for Winterfest.
  23. Danny and Jeff aren’t the only Hanover Warblers
  24. the ringtones of the Stuart Trio: Currently, Derek has different ones for each of the girls contacting him. Logan’s is Bad Reputation, and Julian’s is Can’t Speak French.
  25. I think Bad Reputation is the best theme song for all prefects of all Houses in Dalton and Dobry. I don’t have to explain why it fits the boys… But Royal House Leader Sydney Willis is scary as hell. And Prima House Leader Hope might be super sweet, but that girl can rope down a bull.
  26. Seriously, there’s something in the water the Bancrofts drink. I’m waiting for Laura to hulk out on one of the girls making fun of her lack of breastiness.
  27. For Logan’s birthday, he was at home in New York. Derek surprised him with a new keyboard (it’s the one in his room now). Julian was in Tokyo. He flew 12 hours 53 minutes non stop to make Logan’s birthday. He gave him a laptop. It was the kind of laptop that’s specifically made to handle and manipulate audio recordings and stuff. When Logan saw him; “You looked like something a cat dragged in.” “Nice to see your mug after thirteen hours of travel too.Smirk “Happy Birthday.”
  28. They didn’t actually have a big party—Michelle fussed over them some, and they’d just started trying out Logan’s new stuff when they saw that Julian was passed out on the bed. Logan kind of just smiled, pulled a blanket over him and moved with Derek someplace else. They all went out and had dinner later on, though.
  29. In Freshman year, when Julian falls asleep, he always curls up like he’s cold. So when D or Lo find him sleeping somewhere, they make sure he’s got a blanket.  it’s a sign of how comfy Julian’s life has been. He has to be surrounded by soft warm things to sleep. XD His requirements for his riders often include lots and lots of nice bedding. his two friends know he’s a spoiled kitty and needs comfy blankets when he falls asleep in places.
  30. When Julian was a baby, Dolce could be seen carrying him around bundled in warm things. He was a pretty baby.
  31. Clark was a sweetie. He was small with pink cheeks and such big blue eyes that wondered at the big world. Mommy and daddy are naturally tall and so Clark was always looking up at them.  His hair wasn’t curly, but it grew kind of thick and fluffy.
  32. Sebastian still has Julian’s direct phone number. He’s always texted, but he’s never called. Same with Julian. I think it’s something about hearing the other speak.
  33. Sebastian calls him kitten sometimes. It’s not very often when he does—only when he’s being playful. He calls him J on the other times.
  34. Charlie combusted an entire load of hay with a flaming arrow…
  35. The Warblers get post-performance brownies from Medel, right? Everyone gets a share, but those who dueled get extra. And the ones who got lead will get the most. It’s kind of an incentive. Now Kurt’s cookies are also in the incentive bag.

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